Hair Salon

Dutch Hollow Salon’s hair stylists are all independent contractors and have their own set appointments and prices. They offer personalized consultations, creative haircuts, and unique hair coloring services. Our stylists are highly trained, and through continuing education, are always up on the latest trends and styles.

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Michael Schaake   618-444-6906

Kristen Michaels  618-402-6200

Tabitha Winn   618-477-0453

Rochelle Maltimore  618-946-0223

Julie  Morgan  618-558-3965

Kelli Taylor 618-558-1815





Are you or someone you know experiencing TRAGIC HAIR LOSS??? Do you feel as if you have tried it all, but nothing seems to work? Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa can help to end your frustration with our new and



Including 3 products, HLCC Scripts Complete, Re – Stim, Growth Therapy, Scalp Therapy,DHT Blocking Shampoo and Conditioner!! Try our NEW Hair Growth Laser and see BIG results in as little as 4 – 6 weeks. Call (618) 466-9496 for more information! Great for both men and women.


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